Lakota Seminar with Russell Eagle Bear & Ben Rhodd :

Saturday, February 28th 2015 (1-6 pm, All Ages)
An Awareness Event Benefitting Shield The People

Russell Eagle Bear, Lakota, and Ben Rhodd, Potawatomi, are Native activists involved in numerous energy related issues on the Northern Plains. Both work for the Rosebud Sioux Tribe in the Cultural Resource Management Historic Preservation Office located on the Rosebud Reservation, South Dakota. They are traditional belief practitioners who speak on the preservation of Native culture that includes oral history, star knowledge, customs and laws, Lakota thought and philosophy, plants and animals, and life way of Native society. In particular, they address and assess energy driven projects such as oil development, pipelines, rare element extraction, and uranium mining. Their oral history viewpoint addresses direct and indirect effects to the land and water upon which all life depends.

Saturday, February 28th, 2015 Russell and Ben will lead an all day Lakota Seminar at the renowned ALMA DE MUJER ( 13621 Fm 2769 Austin Texas 78726 ).

The event will benefit Shield The People: a community movement of the Rosebud Sioux Tribe in South Dakota organized to protect the rights of the people and the land for future generations; committed to stopping the Keystone Pipeline and other issues devastating our environment and affecting the global community.

In March of 2014, the Spiritual Camp, Sicangu Wicoti Iyuksa, was constructed on treaty land as a unified symbol of resistance in the direct path of the proposed pipeline. A small but strong crew of men and women tend the fire that keeps the camp going.
The funds raised will aid in supporting the Spiritual Camp and in building a strong legal team.

In collaboration with local environmental, indigenous and academic groups, Shield The People presents this exclusive Lakota Seminar.

Thank you in advance for your support of Shield The People & what we look forward to being a very special day of inspiration & wisdom.


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Welcoming Lunch at 11:30am.

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