Climate March AUSTIN

Sunday, September 21, 11:00 AM
Texas Capitol Grounds, South Steps Lawn
1100 Congress Ave.
Austin, TX 78701

On September 21st in NYC:

World leaders are meeting at the United Nations in New York City for the Climate Summit 2014. Thousands of people will peacefully gather and march, both in New York City and in solidarity events around the world for The People’s Climate March, organized by and it’s partners.

On September 21st in AUSTIN, TX:

Shield The People, along with, BOLD Nebraska, Unify, Sierra Club, ACAN, The Texas Drought Project and hundreds of Austinites will unite and march for Global Climate Justice. They will march for all those around the world who are putting their bodies on the line to
stop those responsible – mining corporations; oil, coal and gas companies; pipelines and refineries; biofuels plantations; nuclear power plants; waste and biomass incinerators, and industry profiteers unconcerned with the destruction of our communities, our cultures and our ecosystems.

The demand is for Action, Not Words: take the action necessary to create a world with
an economy that works for people and the planet – now. A single meeting or summit will
not “solve climate change”. This moment is about US – the people who are standing up in our communities, shaping a just, safe, peaceful world. To do that, we need to act ~ together.

Why March in Austin?? Because climate change anywhere means climate change everywhere ~ To change everything ~ it takes everyone.

​”September 21st will mark a paradigm shift for the environmental movement in Austin and Central Texas,” said Dave Cortez, Central Texas Organizer for the Sierra Club. “As people mobilize across the country and the world, hundreds of Austinites will come together to stand in solidarity with the marchers in NYC, to celebrate the good work being done to set Austin on a path to an affordable clean energy future, and to educate each other about the intersections between climate justice, poverty, and community based organizing.”

“Austin Climate Action Network (ACAN) is a growing community of people deeply committed to
fighting for a livable, healthy and just future, for our city and for the planet. The fierce urgency
of now requires us to act to address climate change. We see the need for a paradigm shift
towards renewable energies and away from dirty, polluting fossil fuels. We are committed to
working with communities in Texas and the Austin area that are or will be disproportionately
impacted by climate change.” – James Casey

“The Texas Drought Project educates Texans on the connections between drought and climate
change. The evidence that climate change is already happening now is all around us–and
the world’s leading scientists tell us that we face truly catastrophic consequences if we don’t
immediately stop the ongoing rise in greenhouse gas emission. Each and every one of us has
a responsibility to join in the effort to make change happen–not just by “going green,” but by
becoming a part of a greater movement for action now.” – Jere Locke
Shield The People invites everyone to march on September 21st:

11am Gather at the Capitol grounds, on the lawn in front of the south steps
Tipi Installation ~ an homage to Shield The People’s Spiritual Camp acting as a unified symbol of resistance to the Keystone XL Pipeline.

Visit with STP reps on treaties and pipeline issues.

Community Yoga on the front lawn at the Capitol grounds (11am)

12:00pm OM THE DOME group meditation inside the Capitol, honoring International Day of Peace

1:30pm Critical Mass to march south on Congress, west on 6th, north on Lavaca, and east on 11th St. back over to The Capitol

The Shield The People Climate March aims to:

Create Action in Austin
Raise Awareness & Funds for STP & The Spiritual Camp
Support The People’s Climate Mobilisation in NY
Connect with allies & organizations on a local, as well as global level

Please spread this call to action among your respective networks and social media outlets. For more information, or to schedule an interview contact Jaclyn Strong (323)804-7558.

Shield The People is a community movement of the Rosebud Lakota Sioux Tribe in South Dakota organized to protect the rights of the people and the land for future generations.

In March of 2014, the Spiritual Camp was constructed on treaty land as a unified symbol of resistance in the direct path of the Keystone XL Pipeline. A small but strong crew of men and women tend the fire that keeps the camp going.
You can stand united with STP by supporting the Spiritual Camp, Sicangu Wicoti Iyuksa. Please visit to donate and learn more about the project.